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Trend: Global Smartphones Shipments

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Sharing here The Economist’s last report:

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Wishing You a Sparkling 2014

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Dear all, Dear Partners, Dear Customers, Dear Friends,


2013 has been a rich year for Sosoftware, with the development of new , cloud-based, services, pursuing always the same mantra: “We Make It Easy”, for you!

We are looking forward to bringing always new features to help you keep being connected easily, all around the world, at lower fares. Innovations at its best!

So, let’s celebrate the new year coming and let the image speak for us:


wishes 2014 sosoftware

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Solocloud: An Innovation Mixing Solo Technology and a Swiss Network for a Unique Service

July 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

Solocloud solo one number

Launching these days in Switzerland: Solocloud, the best of Solo coupled to a Swiss Network for a unique service.

Aiming at simplifying business mobile communication while improving costs-related performance, Solocloud is:

an app – iPhone, Android, BalckBerry, Symbian compliant

– a service: one number, one device – for any call, you choose what number to display (professional/private)

– a solution for #BYOD programs (Bring Your Own Device) – manage professional and personal communications and bills all in one

– a solution to reduce and control mobile telecom costs – move, travel and & communicate at very low fares

– an investment-free solution – download, configure and use solo, it’s 100% cloud-based

– a worldwide service: no service interruption when on the move

– a hassle-free service: no need to change infrastructure, mobiles or carrier

solocloud cut mobile communications costs while traveling cut roaming costs


Full details at

See also:

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New: #Solocloud for a #BYOD Strategy

May 13th, 2013 · No Comments

Gartner predicts: “By 2017, Half of Employers will Require Employees to Supply Their Own Device for Work Purposes”.

Further quoting Gartner:

“As enterprise bring your own device (#BYOD) programs continue to become more commonplace, 38 percent of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016, according to a global survey of CIOs by Gartner, Inc.’s Executive Programs

“#BYOD strategies are the most radical change to the economics and the culture of client computing in business in decades,” said David Willis, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “The benefits of #BYOD include creating new mobile workforce opportunities, increasing employee satisfaction, and reducing or avoiding costs.”

Gartner defines a #BYOD strategy as an alternative strategy that allows employees, business partners and other users to use a personally selected and purchased client device to execute enterprise applications and access data. It typically spans smartphones and tablets, but the strategy may also be used for PCs. It may or may not include a subsidy.

#BYOD drives innovation for CIOs and the business by increasing the number of mobile application users in the workforce. Rolling out applications throughout the workforce presents myriad new opportunities beyond traditional mobile email and communications. Applications such as time sheets, punch lists, site check-in/check-out, and employee self-service HR applications are just a few examples. Expanding access and driving innovation will ultimately be the legacy of the #BYOD phenomenon.” And: “The enterprise should subsidize only the service plan on a smartphone,” said Mr. Willis. “What happens if you buy a device for an employee and they leave the job a month later? How are you going to settle up? Better to keep it simple. The employee owns the device, and the company helps to cover usage costs. See full article here.

Our partners in Switzerland and Italy, are launching #solocloud, a cloud-based mobile telephony service for businesses. Mixing Solo technology with an operator’s own lines and cloud-based management tools, Solocloud is the first cloud-based mobile telephony service working worldwide.  In addition to traditional Solo Mobile features (one number, cost reductions, FMC, ..), Solocloud has some specific features that make it the ideal service to any #BYOD strategy.

Solocloud for #BYOD

Once installed in the  mobile phone (easy cloud-based process), Solocloud is just an app that you can use in your professional environment: call with Solocloud, display your one number and pay the special low solocloud fares. Usually, your company will pay your solocloud calls.

A private call to make? Just use your mobile as usual (and get charged on your private bill by your operator).

It’s as easy as that.

You don’t have to change carrier, you bring your own device at work and you manage your private/professional life!

More info (in French) here:

BYOD with solocloud

BYOD with solocloud






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See you at #lift13 the Lift Conference

February 5th, 2013 · No Comments

LIFT13 #lift13 liftconference

Sosoftware will be present at the Lift Conference #lift13 this year again, represented by Claudia Benassi-Faltys, member of the board.

I (as I’m writing this) will be happy meeting you, and discussing any mobile related theme: mobile design (looking forward to the very promising session about mobile), mobile trends, mobile business, mobile issues in the company, and many many other themes!

As Lift is the center for highly innovative people and ideas, it’s the ideal place to exchange: just let’s connect at Lift!

My Solo One Number: 021 643 77 63.

My Twitter account for Lift:

Claudia Benassi Faltys Sosoftware lift13 #lift13 liftconference

lift13 poster liftconference #lift13

This is the #lift13 poster received in advance and decorating my office:)

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From 2012 to 2013, one and unique word: CLOUD

January 15th, 2013 · No Comments

Sosoftware Solo Mobile on Google+

As you know, it’s been all the rage during the past year and beyond and still trending: we’re talking about cloud-based services.

Depending on the company’s strategy, which in turn can be adaptive, different choices can be made to deploy and access company’s needed services: the private cloud, hybrid cloud or public cloud.

Here at Sosoftware, as already previously mentioned, we worked hard to be able to offer all possible technologies aiming at covering most various requests and conditions asked on the market.

The technology for a full public cloud service is now ready and some partners are launching very innovative services on their markets (UK, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, to name just a few).

We are eager to present shortly more in-depth details of the new offers on the market.

If you are interested by the cloud-based services, please drop us a line at info at sosoftware dot com, we’ll be happy to help you go mobile into the cloud!

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Season’s Greetings

December 19th, 2012 · No Comments

We wish you all, dear customers, partners & friends a Happy Christmas and a sparkling 2013!

* All the Sosoftware’s team *

Sosoftware wishes 2012

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Internal #solocloud launching

December 18th, 2012 · No Comments

launching #solocloud solo mobile

launching #solocloud solo mobile by @sosoftware

On Dec. 14, all Sosoftware’s team, Swiss & Italian, gathered for the official launching of #solocloud.

After months of very hard work to reach a level of good usability, we can finally offer a full cloud service for SoloMobile for business.

We’ll present here further in details the complete features, but to sum up, with #solocloud you have:

– the one number service (you choose what number to display, wherever in the world)
– the number-identification (which is not the case in many countries for fixed-to-mobile solutions) for your mobile when calling at fixed-line rates
international mobile costs reductions
monthly fees (no more licence-based)
– no project any more: you sign up, configure and you call with Solo!
– no need to change mobile phones, IP telephone infrastructure, operator. Solo is like a professional layer on the existing environment
cloud-based deployment and management: rules per user can be defined individually by the administrator
– additional mobile costs reductions: your company can choose to use lines from our partners (NEW!) for additional costs reductions. Depending on the amount of communications, the Solo service could even be FREE!

With #solocloud you have a very easy way to replace DECT’s, for example, offering additional benefits to traditional DECT’s.
#solocloud is ideal for people travelling a lot abroad, helping cut roaming costs.
Or it can be useful if you are an independent and need to communicate with another number than your mobile number. Example: medical professions, lawyers, etc.. In this way, the solo one number would act as a virtual number, giving you a professional service and image while using only your mobile.

#solocloud is the first cloud-based mobile telephony management service in the world!

Luciano Benassi, Sosoftware’s CEO, and Gianni Colombo, COO, both stressed how big was the interest of companies who had been presented the new service to.

The goal of this meeting was to celebrate this achievement. So the official speech was short.

We had also the presentation of the latest exciting administration features by Luigi, our head-developer.

Thereafter, it was time to relax and exchange around an excellent italian dinner.

Here are just some captures:

solo cloud admin new features

solo cloud admin new features

launching solocloud solomobile by @sosoftware

launching #solocloud  solomobile #sosoftware

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Some takeways from #mobicamp

November 5th, 2012 · No Comments

Last Thursday the #mobicamp event took place in Bern, gathering Swiss CEOs, venture capitalists, angel investors, lawyers, academia, aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches around the “mobile” issues.
Sosoftware was present, too.

Particularly mind-blowing was the presentation by Andreas Constantinou, of @Visionmobile titled “Assymmetry abound the new rules of the app economy”.
Following, a small recap and the complete presentation at the end:

Source: via SoSoftware

Apple destroyed the handset industry by disrupting the computer industry

the redefined handset industry shape

Apple derives most of its revenues from sales of iphones, iPads, Mac

Apple derives most of its revenues from sales of iphones, iPads, Mac

networks effects stronger than economies of scale

And we loved the illustrations of @echtpraktisch, as captured and shared by Niall O’Gorman:

There was also a swiss startups competition (Dragon’s den) : more in this article by @AlpICT:
And the hashtag of the event on Twitter: #mobicamp, for some more information.
And some pictures on Instagram for the same hashtag #mobicamp >>

#mobicamp on instagram

#mobicamp on instagram

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Solo mobile in action – replay

November 1st, 2012 · No Comments

Solo mobile has grown up since this video, but its core features are still the same, so we thought that a recap would not hurt, right?

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