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SoSoftware at LeMobile20, quick wrap-up

May 14th, 2009 · No Comments

As already mentioned, SoSoftware was present at LeMobile20, a conference held in Paris on March 10-11, 2009 on the trends in the mobile industry in Europe.

Our objective was double: first, to get top insights on the mobility market. Second, to present Solo Mobile, through an 8 minutes pitch, this mobility solution having been selected for the second day, dedicated to present innovative companies in the european mobile market.
So, here’s Luciano Benassi’s, CEO of SoSoftware, 8 min pitch:

Many thanks to Viktoria, Tiburon TV!
Luciano’s pitch led to interesting conversations and contacts, you’ll know more about it when time has come.
We discovered very interesting projects the second day at the Start-Ups Zapping.
All pitches are here: Tiburon TV at Le Mobile20
If you want to find out more about what others said, please follow those links:
TechCrunch France, by Cédric Giorgi: nice overview of the 2 days, with personal notes on start-ups, interesting (his note about SoSoftware helped us focusing un bit differently our next presentations ;-))
Thomas Husson, Forrester Research Senior Analyst, interview at Le Mobile 20.
Close-Up by (in French), with podcasts
2009 Mobile Trends, by T. Husson

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