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Interview of D. Mesnier: Alp ICT at ITU Telecom 09

September 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment

SoSoftware has been selected among 17 Swiss-French companies by Alp ICT to present SoLo on Switzerland’s pavilion at Telecom 2009: Lake Geneva Region.

Didier Mesnier, Alp ICT’s General Secretary, explains in a short interview the missions of AlpICT, Lake Geneva Region, the link with Telecom 09 and the selections criteria for the 17 companies present on AlpICT’s.

M. Mesnier, what is more precisely Alp ICT and what are its main objectives?
“Alp ICT is a Swiss initiative of the cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchâtel, Valais and Vaud, that establishes synergies between the various players in the ICT sector – companies, politicians, academic and research faculties – in order to present and promote this combined expertise on one common platform – increasing awareness and promoting the image of excellence
of Western Switzerland… both nationally and globally.

Alp ICT’s mission articulates on the following main axes:

  • Develop synergies between regional players in the ICT sector
  • Leverage innovations and technologies developed by local R&D institutes
  • Provide networking opportunities and reinforce exchange of know-how
  • Create a well recognized, international center of ICT expertise
  • Maintain close relations with similar initiatives – both locally and globally
  • Observe changes and trends in ICT sectors considered to be priorities
  • Develop and promote Switzerland’s French-speaking ICT market worldwide

To achieve its mission, Alp ICT relies on different tools and means:
National & International events in Switzerland or abroad, business meetings in Switzerland and abroad, events with major players, highlight of Swiss know-how through partnerships development at different levels, partnerships with different media are examples of what is realized.”

M. Mesnier, what is the relation between Alp ICT and Lake Geneva Region?
“Lake Geneva Region is a platform financed by Swiss cantons Geneva and Vaud aiming at the promotion of their regional industry and tourism.
Alp ICT relies on that association for Telecom 2009 to host on part of its platform Swiss small companies and start-ups and help them promote their products/services to an international highly-targeted audience.”

Mr. Mesnier, can you explain in a few words the presence of the 17 companies on Alp ICT’s stand at Telecom 09?
“Alp ICT provides a strong basis for promotion through its successful involvement in several key events such as Telecom World 2009. ICT companies and academic institutions have the opportunity to present their high-tech expertise to a global audience and to network with international professionals.

For Telecom 2009, a panel of experts representatives of the industry, economy, research institutes and cantons ( VD/GE) have evaluated several projects/companies in the ICT field giving them the opportunity to be present at Telecom.

Selection criteria were:
– application field: mobility, telecom, green tech, home automation
– strong innovative component
– projects with high GLOBAL potential of international development. ”

As a final word, can you tell more particulalry what has retained the attention of experts in SoSoftware’s mobility solution, SoLo Mobile?

“SoSoftware has been selected for its unified fixed-to-mobile communication solution, with one number, which is innovative, relevant, with a high potential of international development and that could be highly valued through Telecom 2009.

I wish SoSoftware and all other companies on the Alp ICT stand good luck and success at Telecom 09”

Thank you, Mr. Mesnier for your time and involvment!

Here are the 17 swiss companies present at Telecom 09, Alp ICT, Stand 5031, Hall 5:

Adeya SA
Fasnet SA
Id Quantique SA
(que forum)
IRIS Internet Risk Insurance Services SA
Les Alchimistes
RFID Center
Rosari IT Services
Secu4 SA
Sensometrix SA
SensorScope Sàrl
SoSoftware SA

Et, pour avoir un bref résumé en français, rien de tel qu’une petite vidéo:

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