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Telecom World 2009: a success for SoSoftware

October 22nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

sosoftware team ready for telecom09

SoSoftware was present the whole week at Telecom World 2009, as already mentioned here and here.

The investment in time, ressources was intensive, but worth the results, which outstanded the most optimistic expectations.

A kind of a magical mix operated during the week, made out of: great people on the AlpICT area, in our team (no less than 10 people, from Italy and Switzerland, on the conference’s day), connections, the best of mixed-networks in action, the interest of big international groups leading to the interest of others, Telecom giving legitimacy to our Solution, the emphasize on the “Costs Reduction” aspect at the right time were among the main success factors.

Translated into figures, this gives:

    7000 – 20’000 Solo to be installed
    Abt. 40 new customers, from which big international organizations (50-50 approximatively)
    More than 20 new partnerships in actual negociation in Europe
    20-30 new leads
    More than 10 technological partnerships to weigh in
    Abt. 20-30 new prespcriptors
    Hundreds of questions to be listed, analyzed, representing a big asset (weak points to work on/strenghts to be emphasized, FAQ to be nurtured, better knowledge of our international market)
    1 new competitor

But also some personal statistics, such as the number of slept hours during the week (few, few), the number of sausasages eaten (many, many!), the number of times the word “SoLo” has been pronounced, and more: you’ll find them in short videos, as well as a couple of pictures and more on our Facebook page (are already a Fan? If not, click on the button “Become a Fan” on your right in order to stay up-to-date).

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