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Infologo, Swiss Partner in Geneva, launches a radio campaign for Solo

June 1st, 2010 · No Comments

One of our Swiss Partners, Infologo, in Geneva, is launching an original campaign on the local radios of the Geneva area.

It says, substantially: “If your company is collapsing under mobile telephony costs, install Solo with Sobox and reduce up to 80% of those costs, with the help of Infologo, your partner in the Geneva area:”.

A landing page relaying this information can be found in Infologo’s news .
The images have been added by Sosoftware to give a visual support to the message.

Thank you to Mr. Pierre Favre for this nice initiative!

Infologo, un partenaire de SoSoftware à Genève, lance une campagne sur les ondes des radios genevoises ces prochains jours, nous vous laissons la découvrir…
(mise en images par Sosoftware)
Merci à M. Pierre Favre d’Infologo pour cette belle initiative!

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