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Solo Mobile Goes Multinationial

September 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

One of the big challenges we faced with Solo’s development was the ability to deploy the solution at a large scale in a multinational environment, i.e. with hundreds or thousands of softwares to install and configure automatically worldwide.
Thanks to the passionate commitment of a big multinational customer to help us succeed and the not least passionate engagement of our engineers, we got the green light today for a large scale deployment.

The solution, including many Sobox servers in several countries, will allow the users to:
– call anywhere anytime in the world with Solo features in a full transparent way: when you travel abroad, the “roaming mode” gets activated automatically, allowing you to call at fixed international rates (no roaming costs), for example (called “hidden mode”)
call any number through an application (for example a number on Google Maps) with your Solo, without you even noticing, allowing you to benefit from the cost reduction (called “intercept call”)

If the full Solo Solution, including the Sobox, is now so steady and ready to go mainstream, it’s mainly thanks to this customer’s steady engagement: they supported us for a long time, convinced by Solo’s unique features, after a thorough worldwide market’s study. They tested the software in many different situations, reporting bugs, asking for specific features and suggesting improvements. Before the final deployment, we can already say it was an enriching human adventure and collaboration.

We’ll come back and share the whole story later on!

Here, a small video showing “the hidden mode”, which means that when you are abroad, the roaming mode will be automatically activated and you’ll proceed to your calls as usual (works on any PBX):

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