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What’s New in 2011 for Solo Mobile Solution? The Word of the CEO

January 13th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Mr. Luciano Benassi, Sosoftware’s CEO, shares with us his vision for Sosoftware in 2011, through a couple of Q&A’s:

Q: What is, in a few words, the general strategy of Sosoftware?
A: For about 2 years, Sosoftware has been strongly committed in developing a solution overcoming 3 sources of fragmentation in the mobile business industry:
– carriers
– mobile phones (OS platforms)
– infrastructures vendors (mainly PBX).
The objective was to achieve a solution 100% “operator free”, “mobile free”, “PBX free”, as we name it.

Except for a small number of mobile devices (in development), we are very proud to announce that we offer the only solution worldwide able to remotely deploy & manage mobile phones fleets, without having to change anything in the existing infrastructure, nor to change operator. With the additional and nonetheless appreciated benefit of mobile costs reductions.
Our strategy for 2011 is to consolidate this unification. We are now able to address both the corporate market and the SMB market.
Our objective is also to develop the missing mobile clients to cover nearly 100% of the market needs. Once the consolidation achieved, we plan to develop specific solutions for vertical markets.

Q. Can you give us more details about the unicity that you mentioned before?
A. Simply put, it’s the only solution that you can install in a company without training, without having to change anything in the existing infrastructure, that always uses the least cost route in a transparent mode, switches automatically to the roaming mode when you travel abroad, gives control tools over the mobile phones fleet. And that works in any situation. With Solo, you gain back freedom of choice and you take control.
The real innovation and unicity of Solo Mobile Solution lies in the ability to unify those 3 fragmented worlds (mobile OS platforms, mobile carriers, infrastructures-PBX vendors). Without this unification, companies face multiple problems such as: anarchical and sometimes explosive costs linked to mobile phones, no control over mobile phones usage, lack of transparence, no centralized management of mobile phones fleets, etc.. Solo resolves these problems and leverages existing investments in infrastructures.

Q. What about the iPhone? Does Solo Mobile support the iPhone?
A. The demand for iPhones is growing, eventhough it is not conceived as a corporate tool. Of course, it is planned for 2011 :-)! We plan its release End of March.

Q. A word about your growing strategy for 2011?
A. In 2010, we developed a network of more than 120 partners in more than 25 countries. Our objective is to strengthen those partnerships to grow with our partners.

Q. The final word?
A. I want to stress the extraordinary efforts made both in the fields of products and commercial development by our team, in Italy and Switzerland: a special thank you to all the team! And let’s continue to build our future, to make it easy!

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