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Internal #solocloud launching

December 18th, 2012 · No Comments

launching #solocloud solo mobile

launching #solocloud solo mobile by @sosoftware

On Dec. 14, all Sosoftware’s team, Swiss & Italian, gathered for the official launching of #solocloud.

After months of very hard work to reach a level of good usability, we can finally offer a full cloud service for SoloMobile for business.

We’ll present here further in details the complete features, but to sum up, with #solocloud you have:

– the one number service (you choose what number to display, wherever in the world)
– the number-identification (which is not the case in many countries for fixed-to-mobile solutions) for your mobile when calling at fixed-line rates
international mobile costs reductions
monthly fees (no more licence-based)
– no project any more: you sign up, configure and you call with Solo!
– no need to change mobile phones, IP telephone infrastructure, operator. Solo is like a professional layer on the existing environment
cloud-based deployment and management: rules per user can be defined individually by the administrator
– additional mobile costs reductions: your company can choose to use lines from our partners (NEW!) for additional costs reductions. Depending on the amount of communications, the Solo service could even be FREE!

With #solocloud you have a very easy way to replace DECT’s, for example, offering additional benefits to traditional DECT’s.
#solocloud is ideal for people travelling a lot abroad, helping cut roaming costs.
Or it can be useful if you are an independent and need to communicate with another number than your mobile number. Example: medical professions, lawyers, etc.. In this way, the solo one number would act as a virtual number, giving you a professional service and image while using only your mobile.

#solocloud is the first cloud-based mobile telephony management service in the world!

Luciano Benassi, Sosoftware’s CEO, and Gianni Colombo, COO, both stressed how big was the interest of companies who had been presented the new service to.

The goal of this meeting was to celebrate this achievement. So the official speech was short.

We had also the presentation of the latest exciting administration features by Luigi, our head-developer.

Thereafter, it was time to relax and exchange around an excellent italian dinner.

Here are just some captures:

solo cloud admin new features

solo cloud admin new features

launching solocloud solomobile by @sosoftware

launching #solocloud  solomobile #sosoftware

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