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See you at #lift13 the Lift Conference

February 5th, 2013 · No Comments

LIFT13 #lift13 liftconference

Sosoftware will be present at the Lift Conference #lift13 this year again, represented by Claudia Benassi-Faltys, member of the board.

I (as I’m writing this) will be happy meeting you, and discussing any mobile related theme: mobile design (looking forward to the very promising session about mobile), mobile trends, mobile business, mobile issues in the company, and many many other themes!

As Lift is the center for highly innovative people and ideas, it’s the ideal place to exchange: just let’s connect at Lift!

My Solo One Number: 021 643 77 63.

My Twitter account for Lift:

Claudia Benassi Faltys Sosoftware lift13 #lift13 liftconference

lift13 poster liftconference #lift13

This is the #lift13 poster received in advance and decorating my office:)

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