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This blog is the living image of SoSoftware, a company developing softwares for mobile phones (and more).
Why a blog?
To tell a story.
To witness the birth of an idea and what it takes to bring it to reality.
Sometimes with failures. But we know that failures can be source of progress, too.
To share with you this very specific mix made of Italian creativity, dynamism and Swiss quality exigence.
To be in contact with you, who are interested in mobile telecommunication issues, Business efficiency, collaboration tools, software development, new communication technologies.
To share with you market trends, specific insights.
SoLoMobileSolutions, the blog, is also meant to open the discussion with you.
To ask you what you need? What you think? To give you the word, through the comments sections.
This is a space where we shall meet and exchange opinions.

So, please, register by e-mail or RSS to the updates, in order to be kept informed of SoLo & SoSoftware’s news and be able to react.

Who is behind the blog?
The story, the trends will be written by me, Claudia, in charge of marketing and communications for #sosoftware. But, above all, I’ve been involved in the adventure since the beginning and living it from the inside. I witnessed every step moved towards progress, every challenge overcome, every success achieved by all the team. It takes energy, passion, conviction to drive a project from an idea to a solid business. And every step forward is one step closer in the direction of the vision’s fullfilment. Closer to you.

More technical issues will be shared with you by one of our highly talented developers. You’ll be notified in time.

So… Enjoy! And share.

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