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Infographic: Bringing Mobility to the Enterprise: Drivers, Challenges, Obstacles

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Solo IS Compatible With The New iOs6 for iPhone

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solo for  iphone ios6 compatible

Solo is compatible with the new operating system iOs6 for iPhone

As soon as the new iOS 6 operating system for the iPhone has been released, that  100 million iOS devices have been updated to the new software, Apple announces !

Which means that we have to be reactive in order to guarantee the compatibility of Solo mobile with the new operating system.

Once again, our engineers’ team has given the most to provide a new release for Solo for iPhone, providing our iPhone users no stress, no service interruption!

It’s official: Solo is compatible for the iOs6 of the iPhone!

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Solo Going to the Cloud: Get Solo as a Service Now

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solo as a service free as a bird
In a recent article, How Mobile is Rapidly Evolving the World, Forbes warns: “In order to stay competitive, your organization must learn to harness connected mobile computing devices to do things faster, more efficiently and within context.”
Underlying is the trend of the “distributed workforce” and Unified Communications: “With more and more available technology for collaboration and communication, companies are taking the “Best Person for the Job” approach. This means employees are being hired because they are the best candidate regardless of where they are located.” In 6 Technology Trends Transforming The Workplace Or, stated differently in the same Forbes’ article: “The future workplace is actually not a place. It’s just what you do. That means business will happen wherever, whenever and on whatever device it needs to happen – 24/7.” And, further: “new businesses will emerge “without walls” and be based entirely on mobile devices connected to the cloud. In that situation, the economics are unbeatable.
If that’s the case, companies will need to understand how mobile computing will potentially impact their competitive position in the market, and what they can do now to stay ahead of the curve.”

The next years will see mobile technologies disrupt traditional business at scale. IT managers and general managers know it’s a strategical challenge to anticipate and integrate mobile technologies in their processes, to identify what and how to transform in their business process and business model to stay more competitive.
In its “Digital IQ Survey“, PricewaterhouseCoopers stresses that “the most important
skill for the CIO is the ability to be an innovative thinker and apply IT to solve relevant industry and business issues.”
AS shown by PwC’s report, 66% of top performers are investing in mobile technologies for employees and 96% are planning to invest more or same amount in 2012:

In this perspective, it is obvious how strategical Solo can be for most companies, by allowing a cost-effective distributed workplace, alongside with advanced collaborative and management tools. Our customers know it and are already ahead of the curve!
But there are in addition a handful of companies asking for lighter investments and easier management. Yes: a cloud-hosted service. The demand has been steadily increasing (following another massive trend, see Gartner IT predictions for 2012) the past couple of months and we are happy to be able to offer from now on a first version of Solo as a Service!

Solo mobile as a service for third party pbx
NEW: Monthly fees, no more investment!
Life is getting easier for you! With Solo as a Service, you can now:

  • Activate the connection between your existing PBX and your mobiles in one click!
  • Remotely manage and control voice, data, sms/mms
  • Benefit from SoLo features with monthly fees. No more investment needed! You’re free as a bird!
screenshot solo manager 2

Solo manager

screenshot solo manager 1

Solo manager

More information about Solo as a Service >>

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Three ways that businesses struggle mobile [infographic]

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The Year of The Enterprise Tablets – Infographic

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The Mobile Platforms Race (by @visionmobile)

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You can find other data and infographics about the mobile market on Sosoftware’s board on Pinterest

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Some Nice Slides about The Mobile Ecosystem

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Slides 18-37 explain in details the mobile fragmentation. Another way of telling you how unique it is that Sosoftware has overcome the mobile fragmentation for enterprise mobilty!

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Mobile market by shipments: a great overview by @visionmobile (Infographic)

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100MillionClub 2011 mobilevision mobile market


For a deeper analysis, pleaser refer to the article by VisionMobile:

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Mobile Services Innovation: Western Switzerland, a Key Player – Sosoftware included

March 5th, 2012 · No Comments

Western Switzerland Innovation in Mobile Services by Alpict

The following report features the trends in mobile services, with a highlight on innovation coming from companies and start-ups in Western Switzerland.

Next to companies such as Nokia, Cisco, Zong, Lotaris or Lemoptix, Sosoftware is featured for its solution overcoming the mobile market fragmentation:


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Solo For iPhone Is Now Available

February 21st, 2012 · No Comments

solo mobile app for iPhone release available
We are happy to announce that from now on SoSoftware covers about 95% of the market mobile plattforms, supporting iOS (Apple), Android, Blackberry, Symbian.

It is a big step forward in our strategy of offering a solution “PBX-free, mobile-free, operator-free”: Why is it so important?

It is important, because it offers our customers the freedom of choice, no matter what their existing infrastructures, mobile fleets or carriers contracts are. With SoLo, companies can leverage their existing investments and achieve a next level of efficiency at the same time.

As for the features, with SoLo for iPhone, you’ll be able to:

  • call with your one number or the number you choose
  • cut mobile costs while calling on the move
  • cut roaming costs when abroad, with the automatic switch to the “roaming mode”
  • call directly from within your apps (email directory, Google Maps, and others) with your solo number
  • have access to the call logs on your iPhone (missed calls, received /sent calls)
  • have the overall logs for the mobile calls from your mobile fleet
  • remotely deploy and manage the solo app for iPhone over the air

screen capture solo mobile client app for  iphone

If you are interested, you can get SoLo mobile solutions, including for iPhone, among our partners or by contacting SoSoftware directly: or call + 41 (0)216437766.

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